A Christmas Carol and other things

So Christmas things start here yay !! Never quite sure what to say in a blog to start it off as its still rather new to me , well tonight I am doing the dress rehearsal for A Christmas Carol @ Brighton little Theatre, I will post up dress pictures in a later blog with a link, but as its already sold out the only tickets are returns.

Tomorrow Night I am photographing Brighton's Gay Men's Chorus Christmas concert That's also Sold out and one night only.

There a a couple of jobs over the weekend for the Sussex Wildlife Trust, and also Sunday which is the promo shoot for Brighton Theatre groups Addams Family which should be a hoot.

Southwick players next week are Putting on the Matchmaker @ the Barn Theatre Southwick and that runs from the 11th-14th Of December link below to their website.

One last thing as its the season of goodwill I have had enquiries still for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Brighton theatre group so I have decided to make the gallery available until the end of January after which I will be deleting it as I need the gallery space for other projects. Also currently live is BTGs High School Musical again available until the end of January, if youd like any other shows to be resurrected feel free to ask and I will see what I can do

Miles xx