Photo repairs

Sometimes I get a phone call asking if I do photo repairs. which I do. this one though was a little different. to the best of my knowledge this was not an original print but one that was scanned and printed on early photo paper using an inkjet paper, which is why it has gone red with time, but the biggest problem was it had began to delaminating the plastic coating was basically peeling off and on closer inspection any contact with the surface would have damaged it further. Appossed to photographing the image I scanned on a flat bed scanner then set to work in photoshop repairing the scan and converted back to black an white, some of the radial lines from the delaminatin are still slightly visible, but at this point I thought it best the customer decide, at which point he was delighted with the result. and signed the project off. The image was of his grandparents who were the old fashioned gypsies selling houshold items from thier horse and cart.