Around the World In 3 hours Part 2 The Americas

I have been doing the photography at Orchid House for the lovely Alex and Ashee, since the Summer last year, and thier laucnch and this Saturday is the second of the wine tasting evenings in the beautifull surroundings of Orchid House, well its a little more than just wine tasting, its an introduction to new wines, this time from Chile, Argentiina, and the napa valley to name a couple, there is a wine Guru Giles who is the compare and wine expert for the evening explaing about all the wines being served, not just that there is food too which is served to compliment the wines or is it the other way around im not sure, but that will be explained aswell. 9 Wines and 9 food courses and all the food is made fresh in house, Oh and not forgetting the house pianist the wonderful Paul Quinton Smith that will be playing all evening, I think he took requests too last time and if your worried about driving, there is a Taxi service availaible to get you home, Its £98 per ticket per person and well worth the money for the experiance for a wonderful evening with the most loveliest hosts. I shouldnt be saying this as dont think its common knowledge but if you subscribe to thier website youll get £30 off the £98 published price, just dont tell them I told you.

All Links below and some of the photrographs I took at the last event, and I will be there this Saturday too xx