Black & White 35mm Film photography

I decided last year I really wanted to revisit the medium where photography began for me, that being 35mm film and to shoot and develop and print myself. I didnt begin with an SLR in fact I was just wanted a point and shoot and purchsed a plastic point and shoot camera nicknamed the plastic fantatic !! Well I shot 2 rolls of film on that the quality similar to a disbosable film camera, lets describe the images as arty. It wasnt long before I was scouring ebay for budget well loved rangefinder cameras, A minolta Hi G Spotmatic rangefinder, a dinky thing but took quite good pictures definatly a step up from the plastic fantastic, I then purchased a Yashica Electro 35 GSN also known as a poor mans Leica yup thats me lol. I only shot a couple of rolls of film in each, At which point my father gave me my grandfathers Canon AT-1 a camera, he found the camera case and thought I might like it, it was emotianl as I rermember well back in the 70s and ignited my interest in photography on so many levels, and the more importanly it belonged to my grandfarther Some new light seals later, and I was taking it everywhere. learning film photography all over again. I had forgotten the joy and romance that film posses, you have to slow down think of the composition and carfully think about what you are photographing. The big question as always, is film better than digital?, short answer no its not. its different and it has its limitations on so many levels but thats the fun of film and the relationship with the immages taken, I spent the whole of last Saturday trying to use 36 frames, apposed the the 1000 plus shots I take digitaly on jobs within a couple of hours because I can, I can react fast getting the shots I want digitaly, but film really does make you work for that one image, but thats the whole point.

Because of this re-ingnited love for film and the shots I have taken I have set up an ETSY shop and I am slowly adding to the collection I am limiting the print runs to just 25 per image and image size also there is a 25% discount on purchases all through January will I sell any? who knows and to be honest if I dont it doesnt matter as I am enjoying the process, but if you know someone that would be interested in some B&W wall art feel free to share.

On A finally note I have to say thank you to someone who donated thier old canon A1 and equioment, Im not sure if she would want me to name her, ive done a test roll through the camera and intend to use it this year.