Promo photos for Adams Family

As the time gets ever closer to the show I thought I would post some pictures from the Adams family shoot, I know they are doing the rounds already but thought I would add a few of my favorites from the promotional material which was hard as 232 photos made it to the final cut but I dont have room to post them all in the blog. I genuinely loved this shoot the young actors were an absolute joy to work with both funny and witty and I think that comes across in the photos. Big shout out for Chris Horlock who was the make up artist on this project to make them look amazing. for those interested I decided to shoot them as portraits as I felt this would be the most engaging for the viewer as the main aim is to catch your attention, shot on a pine green paper backdrop and layers added in with Photoshop with some blending and some opacity option, editing time was approximately 30 hours, but probably 10 of those was working out what worked best for the image.

You've probably read enough of my poorly written, grammatically floored and poor punctuation, but thats fine as I love photos and making them but before I end click on the above button or the montage below and it will transport you to ticket sales, but hurry as I do believe they are in short supply. Bye for now X