The Three Shows one last time

Not quite sure what to say but the Passing of Adam has come of a bit of a shock, More so for those that that rehearsed and performed with him and of course friends and family. As a tribute to Adam I am reposting the 3 shows ,"Dinner" directed by Harry Atkins for Southwick Players. "The Elephant Man" Directed by Nettie Sheridan for Southwick Players And "Dracula "Directed By Gary Cook And Nettie Sheridan for Identity Theatre @ B.O,A,T.

They will become live from 7.30pm Wednesday the 8th of September and Will expire Saturday 11th September as it seemed fitting to replicate a show week, a one last performance. you can access the galleries by clicking on the images below, I have disabled email registration and there is no password, I have also disabled the purchasing of the images, and have only placed a modest watermark at the bottom in return I ask you not to screen shot any of the images.

Dinner By Southwick players

The Elephant Man By Southwick Players

Dracula BY Identity Theatre @ B.O.A.T